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Listening and Learning

What is Pastor Casey listening to?

As a spritual leader, Pastor Casey connects to people through their stories and experiences. Podcasts are a tool for us to share our lives and help us find commonality and understanding with each other. In his spare time, Pastor Casey listens to a variety of podcasts— and even contributes to some. He helps host Irenicast, a podcase that will …”provoke your progressive Christian imagination. “

Podcasts featuring Pastor Casey


Irenicast #113

Serving up conversations to provoke your progressive Christian imagination. Irenicast features regular conversations between post-evangelical ministers Jeff and Allen, interviews with artists and thought leaders, developments in American religion, political diatribes, and a variety of segments. On episode 113, Pastor Casey and his colleagues discuss Intersections, a group they lead for people leaving Evangelical and Fundamentalist communities of faith. Listen here.

Pastor Casey’s Favorite Podcasts


This American Life

This American Life is a weekly public radio program and podcast. Each week they choose a theme and put together different kinds of stories on that theme. Click here to listen.


The Moth

The Moth's mission is to promote the art and craft of storytelling and to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience. Click here to listen to a compelling story.



How and why are the Enneagram and Progressive Christianity having their moment? On episode 127, Pastor Casey Tinnin joins Jeff and Allen for a discussion about personality typing, self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, relationship styles, and more as we dive deep into “heart-centered” types and the Enneagram in general. Pastor Casey is a certified Enneagram trainer and facilitator and is well-known for his expertise. Click here to listen.


the robcast

Rob Bell is an American author, speaker and former pastor. Bell was the founder of Mars Hill Bible Church located in Grandville, Michigan, which he pastored until 2012. He is also the author of ten books, including the New York Times Bestsellers What We Talk About When We Talk About GodThe Zimzum of Love, Love Wins and What Is the Bible?. He also hosts a podcast, called the RobCast. Click here to listen.



Welcome to Typology, a podcast that explores the mystery of the human personality and how we can use the Enneagram typing system as a tool to become our most authentic selves. Typology features interviews with recognized Enneagram leaders from every sphere of life, including renowned Enneagram teachers, bestselling authors, psychologists, theologians, artists, business leaders, neuroscientists, and others who are using the Enneagram as a path for personal transformation. Click here to listen.



Pastor Casey Tinnin, who is a gay pastor shares of his journey out of fundamentalism, out of the closet, and his process of being ordained in the United Church of Christ. On episode #131, Jeff and Pastor Casey have a lively discussion about the influence that fundamentalism and conservatism played in Casey’s coming out process. Listen here.


the liturgists

The Liturgists are a global community working to subvert the barriers our society builds around religion, race, gender, ability, and sexuality. Our work is centered around compelling discussion, non-judgmental community, and thoughtful, evocative art. Currently, that work is expressed through a popular podcast called The Liturgists Podcast.

savage 4.jpg

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is an author, a sex-advice columnist, a podcaster, a pundit, and a public speaker. "Savage Love," Dan's sex-advice column, first appeared in the The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly, in 1991. In 2006 Dan launched the Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast. Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics. Check it out here.