COMPASSION & SOCIAL Justice Commitee  

We are committed to eliminating injustice, bigotry and racism, and to work for human rights and equality for all people.
  • Attend an annual planning meeting to set assignments and priorities for the year
  •  Periodic email communications to share updates or requests for support
  • Each volunteer is assigned a specific area of justice about which they are passionate (Bigotry & Racism, Climate Justice, Immigration, or LGBTQ+ Rights) for a quarter during the year.
  • During your 3 months you will be asked to:
    • Create educational / informational articles for the Loomis UCC members
    • Create ways for the congregation to engage with justice objectives to bring awareness and energy
    • Gather support for local activities that address various areas of justice and provide the congregation an opportunity to participate
  • Support others in the Justice Committee by attending events
6 Hours Annually +Attendance at Events (as you are able)
1 Year on the Committee
Mark B.
6440 King Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 & Local events