We, at Loomis Basin UCC, believe deeply that our message is not only necessary, but vital to the conversation on what it means to be a Christian in our community. We offer a progressive Christian message that makes space for those who are seeking to grow in their faith but does not ignore the changing world around us.

God has BIG plans in store for Loomis Basin UCC in 2024, and we are excited to invite you into partnership with us.
God declares boldly: For I know the plans I have for you, to give you the future you hope for -Jeremiah 29:11

Our commitment to growing and strengthening the bonds of love among us, and to helping others to find their place here at Loomis Basin UCC is stronger than ever. We are known in our community as a place to offer love and support to all. As we continue to imagine who we might be to those in our church and outside its walls, we need as much support as you can offer.

We ask that you remember Loomis Basin UCC in your charitable giving and partner with us by volunteering your time in support of our ministries. We all must play a role in the work of transformation. Your giving of time, talent, and treasure will ensure we have the resources to share our message and to do the work of transformation in our community. Your commitment of financial support makes up the largest portion of resources in our annual budget.

We ask that you please complete the promise form to confirm your commitment to ensure Loomis Bain UCC can share its message of love, kindness, and compassion to our entire community.