Youth @ Loomis UCC

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM  High School Only Every 4th Sunday of the Month

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM  Middle School & High School Combined Every 4th Wednesday of the Month

El Parkis Youth

A Youth Ministry Collective of Parkside Community Church, Loomis UCC, and Elk Grove UCC. El Parkis is a Youth Ministry for ALL serving middle and high school youth throughout the greater Sacramento area.
Under Trans & Queer leadership since 2021.

Growing Together

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

Youth Group

How it works: Once a month, youth from Elk Grove, Loomis, and Parkside UCCs and throughout the community come together for an all El Parkis Youth Ministry Event.
We volunteer locally, embark on overnight service trips, play pickup sports games, make art, and throw top-notch BBQs.

Throughout the rest of the month, youth programming happens at one church per week. We share a meal together, have youth group, and participate in Sunday Worship.
Anyone can join- you don’t have to belong to a church or even be religious.

 All are welcome. And there are ALWAYS SNACKS.

Join us for our all El Parkis events and/or individual youth programming at the location of your choice: Elk Grove UCC, Parkside Community Church, and Loomis Basin UCC.


Our 2022 Service Trip to Smith River was a huge success!
Check back in November for the announcement of our 2023 Summer Youth Trips.

The High School Summer Pilgrimage was beyond words amazing! 
Check back in November for the announcement of our 2023 Summer Youth Trips.

Our youth serve the community through various projects related to hunger and homelessness, standing up for LGBTQ+ rights, speaking out for racial justice, and being caretakers of our natural resources.

Current partners include: Sierra Native Alliance, The Latino Leadership Council, Auburn Hip Hop Congress, Sacramento Black Lives Matter, The American River Parkway Foundation, The Sierra Service Project, Out Youth Austin, Hatch Youth Houston, and SSIP Food Closet.

We also serve our congregations through participating in worship - offering music, dance, preaching, and planning.


High Schoolers can join our El Parkis Discord Server for:
-exclusive online events
-monthly prize giveaways
-question of the week